Crystal Ascension
Item #: X-5672
Type: DT Phantom Enhydro Brandberg Quartz Crystal
Origin: Namibia
Size: 2.375 x 0.75 x 0.625 inches (6.0 x 1.9 x 1.6 cm)
Weight: 1 oz. (28 grams)
Price: This Item has been SOLD (the price was $65). Please contact us if you are looking for a similar item, and we will happily work with you to help you find what you want!

Brandberg Quartz comes from the area of the Brandberg and Gobobose Mountains in Namibia.  Brandberg Quartz crystals are ancient, having been created over 100 Million Years ago.  They vibrate at a very clear, high rate, and their color is dispersed in the crystals quite beautifully.  These crystals commonly have geothite, lepidochrosite, and trapped gas bubbles in water in them.  Brandberg Quartz has come to provide pure energy to assist us in directing our focus.  They make excellent healing tools and meditation guides.  If for no other reason, they are prized for their incredible beauty.

This is a beautiful DT Phantom Enhydro Brandberg Quartz Crystal. There are two water bubbles inside that are easily seen. This crystal is very clear. DT Brandberg crystals are rare. This one has an Isis face and a future time link window. There are two Amethyst phantom lines. There are unique etchings on the crystal shaft and one very unique image etched onto one of the faces. This DT is water clear on one end and slightly cloudy on the other end. This represents the yin/yang dynamic of male and female. This is an excellent healing crystal for balance and harmony.

Coin is U.S. penny, diameter 0.75 in. (1.9 cm).
Coin is U.S. penny, diameter 0.75 in. (1.9 cm).
Images taken using OTT-LITE ® true color lights
and ALZO ® daylight balanced "Cool Lites".
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